October 27th, 2002


Bearded Wimmin

Where the hell do some D&D players get the idea that dwarven women have beards? Was this some idea Gygax perpetuated? I know there is a sum total of ONE reference to dwarven women in Tolkein's works, which make be the cause of this...

Is this in a FAQ somewhere? :-)
Casper with beard
  • auss24


I've just moved far away from home - to the NewYork area.
I've been really busy but things are starting to settle down and I've once again been jonesing for a good game to play in.
Is anyone on this list in NYC, or possibly the Jersey City\Hoboken area?
My friend who moved up here at the same time and I are kindof at a loss at the moment, having a hard time finding ~any~ players at all, much less like minded players.
Anyway, just thought I'd check. I appeciate any responses or ideas.
-Austin in Jersey City