October 24th, 2002


Copyright 10/24/2002 Or something like that : )

So I was thinking of running a weird future game, set about ten years in the future, in a world where the dot coms didn't crash and EverQuest type MMORPGs took off dramatically, with the help and cross-breeding of LARP, especially one-world LARP organizations. The idea is that the US and most other Western countries are all rich (and the third world is poor, poor, poor). Even the inequality in the West has reduced, and edducation has improved. All around it's a great world, except for the constant terror threat from jealous and oppressed nations. Privacy debates were settled by the rich tech companies, and Microsoft's ideas for Palladium have come through in spades. OK, so that might be a horrifying concept to some.

In this world, about a quarter of Westerners are hooked into an online MMOLLARP - a massively multiplayer online live-action roleplaying game. It involves wireless-enabled PDAs with DRM-enabled game client software that handles all the imaginary aspects of the LARP/game/thingy (OneQuest, I'm thinking of calling it).

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