October 23rd, 2002

DnD - Crit Range...?

Greetings everyone. It's been quite some time since I posted last, but I seem to have a delima that I was hoping at least one or two of you could aid me with.

I'm currently playing a level 11 character - Ranger 5 / Deepwood Sniper 6 [Masters of the Wild]. My primary weapon is a mighty composite longbow (Plenty of enhancements on it, but none affecting the crit range, which is the basis of my question). Supposedly with improved critical (comp. longbow), my crit range is 18-20/x4 (So says our DM). But he says nothing about the lv. 6 Deepwood Sniper spell-like* (*We assume that's what the italics mean) ablity of keen edge. He says that it's just a type-o. And of course there's no description in the section regarding it. So what I'm wondering is that does the Keen Edge stack with the Keen Arrows Ability? If it doesn't, then why would they include those abilities together in one prestige class?

That said, what do you feel my crit range should be as a lv. 6 deepwood sniper who has the improved crit feat? I respect my DM, but I really feel he's wrong on this one.
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