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Friday, October 18th, 2002
4:42p - 2nd & 3rd character concept
My new DM wasn't too hot on the idea of my insane Psionist who wanted to kill the gods. He said that it'd be a better concept for a NPC, and I agree. So, here's another idea. What do you think?

A family of four whoi s racked with a wasting illness, except for their son who is totally fine for some reason. Perhaps he is blessed by the gods. He's a brilliant mage who is working feverishly to find some sort of cure.

First his mother succums to the illness, then his father. He is able to concoct a formula to save his sister, somewhat. She dies, but is reborn in a sort of semi-undeath. In her furty she becomes a Hunter of the Undead, and barely restrains herself from killing her brother.

He becomes a Necromancer, in order to try and understand what he has done and is trying to figure out a way to undo his deed and restore her to true life once again.

current mood: grim

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