October 14th, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

Kind of funny, kind of not

This might sound really bizarre, but I'm soliciting a ruling on a game mechanic that hasn't come up in more than thirteen years of playing Second Ed DnD -

Which stat/skill should a character roll to make themselves throw up under pressure?

It's a long story, but for now, just know that it was a life-or-death situation. Also - other suggestions for a mechanic to use / a heuristic to apply are more than welcome.

Rip it apart

Here's a 5 minute character idea that I'll be submitting to my DM, but first I submit it to you, the RPG masses to critique.

Character Concept
#1 Embittered Mage/Psionic?

My father was both a priest and a manipulator of the arcane arts. He had perfected a method of combining both magickal and divine powers to accelerate healing beyond that of even the most accomplished healers. When he took his discoveries to the town
council they reacted like the abhorrent backwards beasts that they are and had him flayed and hung in the town square, where he died a slow death due to exposure.

They called his work heresy.

Idiot savages. I blame them, but I also blame the strictures laid down before them by their dieties. These Cosmic Parasites...I fear and hate them. It seems that only I am able to seem them for what they truly are: corpulant bloated leeches, sucking the very lifeforce from their followers...occasionally giving a handful divine tricks to impress the plebians and peasants.

They are no better than sideshow hucksters, these so-called gods. But again, only I have the clarity of vision to see them for what they are.

I have a plan. A plan that I will not divulge to anyone. I will kill all the gods, and free The People from their enslavement. I will grant humankind true free will. They may curse me, as they cursed my father, but in the end it will be I who will free them, from their own folly!
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Spell cards

Did anyone really like the old spell cards put out by TSR for 2nd ed AD&D? I really liked those cards and have in fact made a lot of my own for 3rd ed. It just makes it easier. You grab the cards you need for your memorized spells then set the rest aside. No flipping through the book just pull out the card for the spell you are going to use. I even liked the magic item cards. The less page flipping in the book the better. Are they ever going to make these again? It was definately worth the investment.