October 13th, 2002


Double Standard?

When someone creates a game setting that is Asian in flavor, but doesn't conform well to actual Asian culture/language/mythology/history, what have you, a lot of people seem to get really worked up about it. For example, I've heard more attacks on Rokugan (which I have always read as "generically Asian, but mostly Japanese" not "Japanese") over its supposed "inaccuracies" than any other setting.

But when someone does the same thing with the "generically European, but mostly English" setting, no one bats an eye.

What gives?
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*plants tongue firmly in cheek*

Let us, for a moment, hearken back to those days when fantasy gaming was all about swords, demons, ass-kicking, and T&A. Oh, for those heady, lusty days! No longer can I get my cheap, adolescent thrills ever since that dark day when RPG publishers started respecting women!

But wait! All is not lost! Avalanche Press has a fine selection of cheesecake book covers! Huzzah!

On a more serious note, I'm not quite sure what to think about these. On one hand, I find them very funny. Funny in the way that the Deathstalker movies are funny. On the other hand, these are bound to bother some people and I'm just not part of the "get over it" camp (especially people offer this useful bit of advice are usually incapable of "getting over it" themselves). The covers also reinforce bad gamer stereotypes. Which is, in itself, sort of funny, though.

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need some input...

I'm contemplating doing a d20 AD+D system game for some friends using a bulliten board program the website i'll be making shortly and i need some input on what a some of the better 3rd party d20 books out there..

1) Avalanche press has a number of historical setting books available that cover things like Atlantis, the Aztecs, the Vikings. are these any good?

2) Fanatsy Flight games has a Legends and Lairs series of books. Spells and Spellcraft, Traps and Treasures, Mythic Races, Path of the Sword and Path of magic and a few others. Has anybody read/used these? how are they?

any other companies out there with good product?

general info on the setting: it's goig to be a world of my own creation, but it is going to be -very- heavily influenced by Warhammer Fantasy stuff. Particularly Warhammers Chaos Gods...

I also have all of the Palladium fantasy books and will probably make heavy use of that setting.