October 6th, 2002

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Designing A Wargame: the Series: I've been meaning to put together a series of articles on designing your own wargame for some time now, and decided to start actually assembling them tonight. So, out I whipped OpenOffice and typed I did until I had the first cut ready to go.

You can find it at http://www.chancel.org/WyvEnt/texts/silverShields1.html -- give it a read and feel free to comment in my personal LJ posting on thoughts.
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Going through Withdrawal

I just moved to Ottawa Ontario, and I'm looking for a group of gamers before I go crazy, and start rolling dice to make decisions in real life!

I have played so many games I wont list them all.

Please let me know if you can help. Check out my userdetails for more info about me. I know some groups prefer older/younger players and what not. email me if you want at paranoia@rogers.com (yes, 'paranoia' refers to the game)
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