October 4th, 2002

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Hello, Re: Shadowkate, and general miscellany

I'm (obviously) new around these here parts, so if I stick something out of line, be more forgiving than my peers. As to what that means, I go to topic #2

Re: Shadowkate:
I go to a Greek Orthodox Christian college, and I decided to see about starting up a roleplaying group. Most people were cool about that, and either expressed a little interest, or said they weren't that interested, but thought it was cool. Except for my dorm-mate, who I will hereafter refer to as 'Nickel'. Here is the gist of our conversation:
Me: Hey Nickel, I'm thinking of starting up a roleplaying group, and I wondered if you'd be interested?
Nickel: Roleplaying? What's that?
Me: You've heard of Dungeons & Dragons, right? It'll be kinda like that, only...
Nickel: Isn't that Satanic?
Me: ...No, it's not.

Nickel is rather innocent and naive in many many many other ways as well, so...
Anyhow, further on the subject.. The RPG in question is advertised as Star Wars-based, and I'll be using WEG's D6 for it. Partly due to my intimate familiarity with WEG's D6, and partly due to my distaste for WOTC's D20. Because I'm here at college, I don't have my books with me, so I can't go xerox templates out of the back... Has anyone here created any sheets that I could base mine off of, or at least give some recommendations? What I've done up for myself is certainly feasable, but I wouldn't mind having something better.

Reynai Nastrom (I was with DLOS!)
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