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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
8:31a - Second verse, same as the first
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8:57a - This is the funniest thing I've ever read
From Monte Cook's Message board

(A party of people just meeting each other, includes a Ovak, a half-orc sorceress, Gorim, a human warrior, and Mirk, a half-orc ranger/rogue with a huge crush on the sorceress)

Gorim: So, Ovak, you're a sorceress?

Ovak: Yep.

Gorim: Do you have a familiar?

(Mirk runs up, looks angry at Gorim)

Mirk: Hey! I got good Listen score. You not talk about getting familiar with Ovak!

Gorim: No no no, not familiar like THAT, familiar like the little creature that... (trails off as he sees Mirk continuing to glare)

Mirk (narrow eyes, suspicious, gutteral voice): Mirk not DO homonyms.

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Hello again everyone. This forum is a wealth of knowledge!

Ok, Undead in D&D 3rd edition. These things are worse in my mind than any dragon or fiend. How does one deal with spectresw, zombies, ghosts, and things like that? Especially ones with touch attacks that drain levels. In 2nd i would just set them on fire or do something similar, but i am looking for more effective ways of dealing with them as a rogue.

Avoid them completely or break out the holy water? any ideas?

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