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Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
11:25p - Hackers
I've recently gotten the idea to try and frame out a hacker campaign. Since I don't think D20 has the ability to handle it without me working up riles from scratch I'm going to expand the computer use skills in the system I own, Alternity.
Alternity is a skill based system so messing with it is fairly easy. What I'm looking for is ideas about how I should go about the whole hacking thing. The last thing I want is it to feel like that wretched movie "Hackers" I'm trying to figure out good ways to deal with entering and attacking computer systems. How much reality should I impose? ex: inreality certain systems will only be accessable through a direct connection to lan and not through a wan. Should it be focused almost entirely on the computing from a remote place or should I have the characters infiltrating secure buildings to gain access. this idea is in its infacy. feel free to expand/ toss your own.

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