September 19th, 2002

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Seen on the Hero Games board:

(Discussing the upcoming Ultimate Vehicles book from Hero)

Der Rote Baron
Member posted 09-10-2002 09:47 AM

Der Baron want to have many, MANY examples of equipment to just punch into his Vehicle of Utter Terror.
And some guidelines for converting real vehicles to gaming stats would be nice.
And make it easy: Nothing like GURPS Vehicles - for Christ's sake, it would be more easy to REALLY buid a tank with your own hands than getting through all the square roots and cubic feet in that handbook. And it would be a LOT faster. And you'd have a tank!

It's the last line that really floored me.
It's All Me
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Character histories and improv styles

Recently, in my journal, I mentioned that I'd been up all night writing a character history, and perich gave me what he called "a strong lecture on The Method and Why It Sucks." We've been going back and forth about our character philosophies and play styles, and I've gotten curious how other people handle the same issue.

Here's the initial thread, if you want to do the argument justice, but I think it comes down to this quote from perich (moved here with his permission):

In sum: role-playing is about improvisation. Backstory is about scripting. It is at best a crutch, used by players to cheat their GMs out of having to act - but, in doing so, unknowingly cheating themselves.

I disagree; for me, backstory is integral to making a character work. What do you think? Do you tend to write lengthy character histories so you'll have all the details worked out in advance, or would you prefer to have as much room as possible for improv and spontaneous character re-shaping?
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Alec Ross JLA

Fantasy World core ideas

Hokay as promised more of a background

1st an apology I can't use LJ cut on this so sorry I'll keep it as brief as I can.

The known world has been at war fo rcenturies more or less .

Initially the conflict was between Elves and humans (both sides claim a different cause neither side trusts the other enough for a peace to hold)

Later Dwarves became embroiled in their own civil war and now have factions supporting both sides.

Gnomes have become more aggressive as Orcs and their ilk have forced them against a mountain range resulting in incursions in dwarf and human lands

Orcs and Goblins have over ran one of the major dwarven strongholds killing the king and his family leaving no clear line of succession but losing thier own king in the process and degenerating into their own clan wars.

Sea trade is almost at a standstill for none elven races as Sea Elves attack all but the best defended shipping

Land trade is dominated by the Lizard men whao are neuteral parties in the wars.

Okay that's the Background

The main areas I need help with are

The Stump plain

Early on in the war before the wizard wall came into being. Humans attempted to destroy elf colonies by destroying the woodlands they lived in.

This met with some success until as a retaliatory move elves started poisoning town water supplies.

The result is vast plains that include millions of stumps of trees and abandoned elven and human cities.

The area is now mostly occupied by wandering tribes that meet everyso often to exchange members to prevent in breeding.

The Wizard Wall.

The site of the largest magical battle this devestated the Isthmus it was thought over

Now the land is not solid, creatures boil into and out of exoistance areas of permenanant spell effects exist.

And in the centre something monstorous is slowly emerging.

At either end there is a wall manned by the best and brightest of human and elvish mages (1 race at each end no mixing) which saps much of the battle magic from each race.

I need for at least 1 end the camp that supports the wall and the threats within the explored area of the chaos effect

Border cities.

At border points there are mixes of cities where humans are ruled by elves and vice versa.

I need an apartite style Elven ruled city.
You know the sort of thing humans cannot own land, human only wells, humans must step into the gutter if an elf passes etc.

I'll leave it at that for now as anyone not intrested in helping won't have too much to scroll past but there's a load more ideas I'd like to get developed up that I simply don't have time to.

Thanks in advance