September 12th, 2002

Alec Ross JLA

Help Needed

I've started putting down some of my ideas for a fantasy world on paper (well pc) and I've rapidly discovered there's more to do than I'll ever get done so I'm looking for collaberators to do help out take over cities or countries or just stat stuff up.

It'll probably end up being done in D20 system (I'm intending to use Hackmaster for the playtests but somethign like D20 or GURPS keeps the development costs low.

Anyone intrested leave a comment and tell me what you are intrested in playing with (guilds, armies, tribes, cities, races monsters etc.)

When I'm less pressed for time I'll write a bit more on the worlds background


"It's just a game.", people say when defending players who interrupt role-playing by treating the game as a real-world social venue.

I tell all my players that everything they say that doesn't pertain to game mechanics is in character, except during breaks. It's not that I don't enjoy talking to my friends, I do it a lot out of game. My game sessions are for gaming.

A lot of local groups I've played in accomplished almost nothing. In fact, people had to talk over each other and were often confused whether something was said by a player or a character.

All the players remaining in my group have learned to enjoy my style of game. After all, if players aren't acting out their characters, the game degenerates into players sitting around the table rolling dice, not much fun in my book.

Of course, I might just be crazy. This is demonstrated by the fact that I'm writing an L5R adventure based off of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
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