September 9th, 2002

White Wolf



Ok, first off I am a movie freak. Secondly, I appreciate a good horror flick. And lastly, I am a gamer. So what do I think as soon as I hear about The Thing video game (and the possibility of it leading to a film sequel)?

The Thing RPG, of course.

This would require 2 or 3 people as geeky as myself, though. I would probably utilize the Godlike system, since it's my new toy and quite effective as far as speed of gameplay.

Am I alone in this mania?



GURPS Whatever

One thing I'll say about d20, it certainly has made it a lot easier for me to convince people to try out GURPS. They're so similar, I'm thinking of slightly altering the point costs for basic stats in GURPS and changing it to GURPS d20 (normally it uses 3d6 for any attribute or skill roll). The only thing that d20 players seem to like that GURPS is missing are Feats, but most of these can easily be tweaked to fit into the GURPS system as combat maneuvers.

I have another GURPS-related project that I'm working on, GURPS Liberty City. For those of you who have played Grand Theft Auto 3, you know that Liberty City is the setting for the video game. Basically, I'm writing up some criminal-specific advantages, disadvantages, and skills, as well as stats for some of the major NPCs from the game. I've also written a short history for the founding of the city. Once I finish it I plan on posting it as a TXT file on my website.

Any suggestions? interest? comments?