September 8th, 2002



This is not an AD I promise. Bear with me.

My friend has been working on a D20 system that is mostly finished now. We've been playtesting the completed parts and it has been working very well. The system is called "Steam Trains and Sorcorrers" and is set in an industrial revolution happening within your typical D&D fatasy setting.
So, its a neat machinery meets magic type game, so fun things like toy robots dilvering spells and such. The reason I'm posting this is because he's moving to Irvine this month for college and is going to try to get together another play-test group. If anyone happens to be interested and in the area, comment and i'll get you in-touch through e-mail.
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Working on a supernatural roleplaying scenario

So... I've decided I am going to work on developing the supernatural scenario. The scenario will have various stats for both GURPS and Unisystem (Eden Studios "Witchcraft" and "Conspiracy X" and maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG). If I actually get D&D 3e Players guide, maybe I'll do stats for that too.

I've contacted two makeup artists and another photographer and two models to help develop the photographs necessary for it. I'm still going to need a dozen other people to be used as models, a bunch of location photos and a bunch of people to help me write autopsy reports, fake newspaper reports and the like...

The current premise is as follows:

There have been several murders in the downtown east side of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and RCMP have launched an investigation into several of the disappearances. As part of a magickal organization, Special Detective Mike McAllister believes that the slaying are magickally motivated. However, this isn't the path the RCMP is open to following, so McAllister approaches or is approached by the PCs to aid him in an alternative investigation. The PCs must uncover the truth without hampering the RCMP investigation and without revealing the truth to the general public...

It's a scenario for 2-5 players, but I haven't determined how experienced the PCs need to be yet...

My intent is to publish it to the web in PDF format, cut down a version for Demonground.

What do you think?

More importantly... wanna help?