September 7th, 2002

  • jods

(no subject)

Hullo. I've been a roleplayer and a member of this community for quite some time now... I just lurk and don't post. x_x

I belong to a lot of text based/play-by-post roleplaying games. Mainly because I like the freedom they allow when it comes to creating your own characters and plots. A little over a month ago I started my own game, and it's doing alright. It's a fantasy game with some futuristic aspects in it. I was just wondering though, what is everyones definition of a good play-by-post roleplaying game? Is it the one that allows the most freedom? Has the most bells and whistles? Allows for character development...? Fun plot lines? Has creative magic?

I'm just curious, and I'd like to improve the site I've already got. So any kind of suggestion is welcome.