September 1st, 2002


so, since it was recommended i went out, picked up my copy o nobilis.
($42.95, but i got ten percent off since there was a weird crease on the cover)
and got to reading it the first night.

now, putting your brain around the entire concept in one day is.. painful.. your mind can pick up stretch marks, and other painful lacerations.
But in around two days time, i think i had it.

i got my first chance to play it on Friday.

six players. is actually incredibly manageable in this game, no dice rolling means no surface area is required. When i started describing the game, even some non roleplayer actors wanted to play. (all actors are roleplayers, they just don't know it.)

we played for six hours our first session, it went so smoothly, i was utterly flabbergasted.

so it seems i have agroup now. and all i wanted to do was try it out. thank you so very very much those of you that recommended it.

any other games?