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Saturday, August 31st, 2002
Random: my current roleplaying project involves creating a wereporcupine via the d20 system, which is hard because they don't even have the basic template for a porcupine. I suppose if one were horribly anal about the rules, wereporcupines wouldn't even exist -- they're not carnivores -- but I'm having fun trying to figure out reasonable stats for the things. I figure they'd give similar damage to a rat when biting (1d3-4) but would have less of a hit bonus because porkies are sluggish and a bit cumbersome. Definately higher hit dice, though. Any other suggestions, o' experts?

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A friend of mine managed to get me a fairly good amount of modules for the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes system before WoTC screwed it up. I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could find more online.

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