August 30th, 2002


ye old Birthright campaign, Realm magic, and GURPS

I've decided to take a break from GMing and this has left me an abundance of time to work on a new campaign world, or just tweak old ideas I've had. Here's the first one I decided to work on:

I want to translate some of the Birthright-specific game mechanics (such as bloodlines and realm magic) into GURPS rules

REALM MAGIC: According to the original Birthright rulebook, every realm spell has a casting time of one week. I've already changed this a bit since some spells seem weaker than others. But how would one go about translating Birthright Source levels to GURPS Mana equivalents? Should I just make a new college of magic, or should I create a whole new school of magic that can integrate lesser spells?

BLOODLINES: In the original system the GM decided if you would be blooded or not. Some GMs had their own systems for determining if your character had a bloodline, how strong it was, and which deity it was derived from (I know I did). In GURPS, the only way I can think of equating this is to use the Supers rules or just create innate Spell-based abilities for characters with Bloodlines. I've also thought that Bloodline strength is something that should be purchased like an Advantage, instead of the original numbered d100 system I'm just going to keep it simple and use five levels of strength (Tainted, Minor, Major, Great, & True). Staying with the Highlander-esque aspect of increasing Bloodline strength, I'm going to rule that killing two creatures of a higher Bloodline strength than yourself allows you to increase your own Bloodline strength (up to a maximum of Great, only creatures who were alive to see the Gods die will have True Bloodlines). Any suggestions on how to best translate this into GURPS would be appreciated?

Just an FYI:
I usually run a very-powerful-but-rare-magic campaign world, so the wizard population can be counted in a two-digit number, they don't make magic items unless they serve a very specific purpose, and if you cross them you usually end up in serious anguish if not death

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Random question: Whose idea was Demon: The Fallen? I mean, I assume it wasn't something R*H came up with, he doesn't seem to be in the driver's seat anymore at White Wolf. Who's doing the bulk of the design and writing for that game?
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Well, it was a nice dream to treasure while it lasted...

Wizards of the Coast have announced the results of the first round of their world-creation open call.

All 11 people who will be moving on to round two have been contacted. If you haven't heard from them already, it means you weren't selected.

None of mine were selected. :-(

Oh, well. I can't say I'm surprised--I knew the kind of odds I was facing--but I am a bit disappointed.

Congrats to the winners, whoever and wherever they are.
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