August 28th, 2002

journal: keep it secret/safe

Dungeons & Dragons

Hello everyone.

I'm going to have to ask a pretty ignorant question.. Well its kind of a multi part question.. But that's what you are all here for right?

I went to a used book store today and found a Player's Handbook for D&D.

However, I can't really tell if I have the 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, or what....

And I'm beginning to think I got overcharged for it. THe original store's price was $44- CDN, and he had it marked down to $33- CDN.... But when I took off the store's tags ( I HATE it when people put sticky stuff on book covers.. ) It revealed that the orginal price should have been $31.95 CDN..

So.. did I get ripped off? What do I have, and how can I tell what edition I have? :)

Thanks for any help you can give me! :)

THank you everyone! I now know I have the 3rd edition book, and WoTC raised the retail price after the first couple of printings! SO I actually saved a few bucks!

Thanks guys! Now I have to figure this sucker out! :)

Dune RPG

I've been an avid fan of Herbert's Dune series since I was in 9th grade, read all the books and stuff... and I know there's a corebook out there published by the now defunct Last Unicorn. Anyone know where I can find any scrap of the contents of this book without buying the book off of ebay for two testicles and my first born?

Thanks in advance!

BTW I'm new here. I play damn near anything. I live near Seattle. Happy gaming!