August 23rd, 2002

  • kurosau

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Question. I'm making a home-brew rules set, and I just realized I ran into a bit of a snag:

Most systems use Strength and Dexterity (or their equivalents) as separate stats. I suspect it has mostly to do with combat.

However, what's wrong with adding these two stats together into something like, "Muscular Ability"? The only difficulty I can find right now is that a combat munchkin need only purchase a single stat as compared to two to be a good combat character. However, what's wrong with that?
  • perich


I did a tally the other day and realized that I own the rules to 17 RPG systems. If you count upgrades between editions (2nd edition to 3rd, for instance), it comes to an even 20. If you want to include systems with which I'm familiar, but don't own the rules (in other words, I could create a character unsupervised), that number probably increases by 50%.

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Can anyone top that?