August 19th, 2002

  • kalivor

Looking for Input

Hi folks! A friend of mine has an idea for a Feng Shui game, in which everybody changes roles each time out.

That is, we swap GMing duties and characters each session. We had an ICQ discussion about the possible problems that we may encounter, which I have posted here.

I think that the idea is great, but there are a number of potential problems which could ruin people's fun. If anybody can offer and advice on what to watch out for, or possible solutions, I'd apprectiate it.

Thanks to all who are about to give their advice.
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"d20 still sucks!"

One of the great benefits of the internet is that it allows anyone with access to it to let their thoughts, feelings, opinions, impulses, etc., be shared. One of the great downsides to the internet is that it makes everyone with access to a computer think their thoughts, feelings, opinions, impulses, etc. NEED to be shared.

Go to just about any message board for any topic and what you have is a group of people bitching about minutae. Nothing excites an internet nerd more than the possibility of more bitching. And every act is a travesty to someone and they WILL let everyone else know.

OK! So you don't like that RPG! Dont buy it! Dont play it! Shut the f*ck up! You're probably ugly but you don't see me posting endless complaints about it anywhere!

Oh, shit. Now I'm bitching about bitching. The spiral, it's not going up.

credit for this quote must go to flexmentallo


I personally find this promotion for Demon: The Fallen rather tacky. I've sort of come to expect a level of smug condescension from White Wolf books, but this is just a childish nose-thumbing thinly disguised as humor.

Gamethyme, my apologies. I still don't think the vast majority of the public cares about this sort of thing, but you may be more right about White Wolf's methods (and possibly motives) than I first believed.

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Passive Voice
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Roleplayer's Etiquette

In light of recent posts, I thought I'd raise a topic I find somewhat important.


Now, obviously, we're all here to express opinions freely, and so being stringent on etiquette isn't something I advocate. However, I do think keeping a few things in mind might make things run a little smoother. You can take this as criticism of your attitude, a few tips that might make things civil, or you can just leave this at the way side. After all, you all know who the problem characters are, and depending on who is reading this, that's a whole different set of people.

Anyways, here's my suggestions.

1) We all Love D20, We all Hate D20.
We know, and so do you. This is more or less applicable to everyone's favorite system, but now that we've beaten, shot, stabbed, drawn & quartered, and hung the dead horse, why don't we try to avoid trashing everyone's opinion so readily?

2) Debate and Discussion
There's a place for debating, and what better place than a community like this one. However, there's a few things things to be aware of. Speak something that you can't backup, and you'll come off looking like a dork. One of the things that's personally annoyed me is how much people will say "White-Wolf is really financially secure" or "Most gaming companies have a major stake in D20". The fact is, the market is a complex thing, I yet to see anyone backup any of their 'prediction' with any sort of facts. And, if you all remember, pointing your finger at and opponent and saying "Bang, you're dead," doesn't tend to work when playing Cowboys & Indians. Same goes for debate. If you think that a game company is dominating the market, please say why. I for one want to know why, if WotC is doing so well, they just sold the periodical division to another company?

Just please, please don't make me want to ask you for a bibliography next time you make your point. That's all I'm asking.

3) *rant* Apologists
People who bitch about something, and then hide behind the facade that they were 'just kidding', are in my opinion, just annoying. Frankly, if you want to argue, and then completely evade criticism with a screen of flames and misdirectly, be prepared to get laughed at. Alot.

Thanks, and that said, and hopefully I won't be breaking these three statements in the next couple of days.
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