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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Sunday, August 18th, 2002
6:22p - Arrowflight
Wow. The action resolution system, as described, is amazing. In fact, it's so amazingly amazing I think I'd like very much to steal it.

(Thanks to the folks who pointed this out in my last post on alternate action resolution systems, particularly seanb)

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6:43p - Pedal to the Metal
Just in case anyone is interested in checking out the GREATEST GODDAMN GAME EVER MADE!*



- J

*(by me)

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Okay so basically I'm new here. In fact, I haven't really watched this community before. But I am a big RP gamer. I used to play AD&D with my uncle when I was younger, but I got cut off from seeing him pretty much, so I haven't had anyone else to play with really.. I don't have a huge social life cause of the internet.. I'm just an internet junkie.. otherwise, I play computer RPGs and blah blah.. is there a point to explaining this? Anyway.. I was at Changing Hands bookstore the other day, getting some WotC novels, and noticed the gaming center in the next room that I used to go to, and wondered if anyone out in the internet from around here played D&D too. I'd like to meet players of really any age, as long as they're trustworthy.. I'm 19, but I can be quite mature for my age (apparently nowadays many 19 year olds are pathetic, immature assholes). However, through all this internet junk, I much much much prefer pencil/paper RP.

I reside in Joplin, Missouri.. and want to know if anyone from around this area plays D&D or a roleplaying game that is very similar to it. I've basically been raised to be bias toward D&D over all else. I don't have a license, so I can't drive there.. not cause I got my license revoked, but because, like never learning to ride a bike, I never learned to drive.

If anyone near this area is interested in gaining another friend and another playing partner.. I'm open to pretty much whatever you want. My email is astralisxstar@hotmail.com ..

I think that pretty much covers everything.

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