August 16th, 2002


Dear God

Someone needs to stop White Wolf. Now.

Victorian Age: Vampire
Demon: The Fallen

So this year we're going to have a every damned goth in the world humping the victorian vampire book and bugging all the rest of the normal gamers to run it or play in it. ::sigh:: And to make it worse, they are putting out a game that will not only prove to all the extremists that we are demon worshippers, but it will also attract a bunch of those callow and idiotic outcasts into our nice little hobby.

What the hell are they trying to do? Finish the job WotC started and kill the hobby entirely?

some musings

Check it out:

White Wolf has released a lot of coveted out of print books as ebooks, and some new supplements for less-popular lines (like Aberrant and Trinity) as ebooks as well. As consumers, we need to encourage this sort of behavior by supporting White Wolf's efforts...

Why? Because support by a "big boy" like White Wolf for the ebook format, can push the PDF format from something that just D&D publishers (d20 and old D&D, like Wizard's ESD program) and indie people (see do, to something that everyone uses.

Why is this desirable? Consider this: Support for ebooks being used the way White Wolf is using them can actually get more physical product on the shelves. How? If a publisher knows that a niche game is likely to generate robust PDF sales even if it doesn't end up generating a lot of in-store sales, it becomes less of a risk to put out the core rulebook for a particular line. It's the best of both worlds: A nice physical artifact you can wave around at your friends, with tons of supplements available on the cheap over the 'net.

Personally, I think Changeling fans should encourage White Wolf's Arthaus imprint to start releasing new Changeling supplements as PDFs rather than physical books. By reducing overhead (i.e. no printing costs for Arthaus), this could mean that Arthaus could release more than one Changeling supplement a year, and for the artistically inclined, this means Changeling supplements could be in color again! They could still do "major" projects as physical books (tho a simultaneous ebook release could be cool) but I'm willing to bet there are a lot of interesting backburner projects that could be released as ebooks, like the recent Aberrant and Trinity releases. Does anyone know who one might contact to suggest this?