August 7th, 2002

It's All Me

Chicago-area gamers

When I first came to Chicago, I thought there were no gamers here. There are no decent gaming stores in the city as far as I know, and I was out of college, so it's been hard finding others. Eventually, I got in touch with some people through the Access Denied database, and hooked up with others through the local LARPs. These days, I know several dozen gamers, but I still periodically think our RPGs could use new blood, and I wonder who all's out there thinking the same kind of thing.

I've been playing with the idea of running a one-night, one-shot RPG kind of thing, mostly as a social hookup for Chicago-area gamers. I'm in the city (north side near the lake), and we generally play at my place or up in Evanston, so we're looking for people in that general area. This idea's pretty embryonic – I haven't even picked a system or a concept yet. I'm mostly just wondering if anyone out there would be interested.
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Setting Search Results Delayed to Late August

Because of the large volume of proposals sent in to Wizards of the Coast as part of our search for a new fantasy setting, we will be notifying by the end of August those people who will be asked to go on to the second round of proposals.

We apologize for the continued delay; however, we want to give each proposal fair consideration in our efforts to find the very best possible setting for future roleplaying games, novels, miniatures, and card games.

We'd like to thank in advance the submitters of nearly 11,000 proposals for their enthusiasm and creativity. We were overwhelmed by the quantity of their inspired submissions, and want to do right by them.

The above is, of course, from the Wizards of the Coast website.

Disappointing, but still not surprising. And so we continue to hold our collective breaths... ;-)
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I looked through the In Nomine GM Guide and there IS a Demon of Spam!!!

I knew something demonic was behind that!!!!
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Another Evening in the Park

For those of you who happen to live in Seattle or the surrounding area, this year's Evening in the Park will be happening from 11:30am-11:00pm on Saturday, August 31st, in Ravenna Park. The event will be run by Raoul St. Pierre and should be quite good.

This is a Boffer Fantasy one shot LARP, so we hit each other with foam swords and cast spells via tennis ball and ribbon instead of pretending to be Undead and playing paper rock sissors (you only get to do that if you are NPC...). Rules and more information are available here.

If your interested in NPCing leave comment and/or e-mail me or Raoul (his e-mail on site). No experience or Gear required, we will outfit, instruct, and train.

Hope to see you all there, or at least some of you.