August 5th, 2002

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Invasion of the Abyss, Part 2

In the last few months, my D&D3 group has advanced into the epic levels as well as become rank 0 deities. We have been experimenting with the high-power/epic campaign style and the scalability of the combat system. I figured I would post this to here for your amusement. If you are interested earlier bits of this saga, here is Part I. Enjoy!

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RWS:  Farcrest

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When I created my Champions character Gothic, I only took one "flaw" for her--she has a slightly overdeveloped sense of vengeance/revenge, particularly as pertains to the murder of her husband Aaron Boone (go ahead, horror geeks, laugh laugh laugh). The incident that gave her "superpowers" cost Aaron his life, and took out a large number of her friends as well. The character has existed for almost two years, but this little detail has never come into play. She's been back and forth through time twice, in several alternate realities, she's met the man who staged the entire disaster and through it all she's managed to maintain some degree of her composure.

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