August 4th, 2002



What can you guys tell me about Kult?

Yesterday, I looked through the players' book, and decided that if I played, I'd be a jaded ex-soldier(a Solid Snake clone, most likely).

Despite dark artwork and a lot of advantages/disadvantages dealing with sex and mental illness, and rules rules for drug-use, I don't see how the game got such a bad reputation.
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Rocky Horror Picture Show as a Deadlands adventure

for those of you who don't know, Deadlands is a wild west horror RPG that I both play in and GM
for more general info about it check out
and I'm no master narrator or storyteller, but this is the best translation I could think of for what transpired last week at my game (instead of just saying "and then this happened, and then this happened")

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Saturday night -Huntsville by Night.

The game was a lot of fun. I was so busy. I got asked by a ST how I was liking being prince. (Given that I did not want the position in the first place.) I had to admit to him that I actually liked it. Had another ST come up to me later in the night and gave me a huge compliment. He told me he'd been a st for 6 years and I am the best prince he has ever seen. *feeling proud* I am shocked. I have only been LARPing for about a year and a half. I apparently was trained well while in Mobile... or perhaps it was the diversity of players/storytellers/GM's that made the difference. I am first and foremost a student. I research and take mental notes and study everything I am interested in. I pick and choose the best from what I am presented. It has worked very well so far, especially where my RP ability is concerned. Well, that and an almost obsessive attention to detail.

I actually got to be very helpful in the game. I am really enjoying princedom... I seem to be able to lead people really well without putting much effort into it. And I got to get a mage and werewolf liason as allies... very helpful when fighting Vzhod rottweilers LOL.
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