August 1st, 2002


Today my friend gave me the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system Starter Kit. I didn't know he still had it from when we bought it 2 years ago in the summer. I'm going to figure it out and the 2 of us will play. I guess that leaves me being dungeon master and a character. We'll figure something out. Now I have to go deal with a problem. I bought $20 worth of old Nintendo RPG games off of ebay and only have $5 to my name. I'm an idiot. But a happy one tonight at least.
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Gaming-night soundtracks

I'm looking for music recommendations for gaming. We've been playing this game for a year now, and I've pretty much gone through everything appropriate in my collection a couple of times now.

I'm running a very real-world-flavored horror game (Dark Conspiracy, as run through a White Wolf-style mechanic, because I hate Dark Conspiracy's character generation and combat system) and I'm constantly looking for mood-setting music that's dark, broody, and ominous, but not too distracting. Instrumentals are great – we listen to a lot of film soundtracks – as are albums largely not in English, both because the lyrics don't get in the way, and because I tend to like Celtic or Arabic musical themes, which are often somewhat ominous. I lean more toward gothy or classical stuff, because it's low-energy and insinuating, rather than more high-energy or pulsing dark rock or techno.

Some of my favorites, the ones we've heard far too many times:

• Soundtracks: "Akira," "Ghost In The Shell," "Lord of the Rings," "Last Temptation Of Christ, "Macross Plus," "Wings Of Desire," "Twin Peaks," "Dark Crystal" (darn that cheery little pod-people song…)

• Pretty much everything by Dead Can Dance, especially "Toward The Within" and "Into The Labyrinth"
• Various Clannad, especially "Macalla"
• Various Cirque Du Soleil soundtracks, especially "Mystere"
• Most of Loreena McKennitt, especially "The Visit" and "The Mask And Mirror"

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I'm trying to figure out some heraldry for my world, and have found numerous sites on the conventions of blazoning and emblazoning, but for the life of me can't seem to uncover site with a decent "this is what the symbols, shapes, and colors on the badge mean" section.
can anyone help with this?
I've got some nifty ideas for images, but I want to make sure that they fit the bill of what I'm describing. and I need some ideas how to portray other groups/people.