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Thursday, July 25th, 2002
12:30a - Calling all starwars gamers!
TSR is canceling starwars gamer. This is basically the equivelant of dragon or dungeon magazine for DND. Theres a petition to bring it back. Please sign.
Please sign this

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2:35p - One-question poll
It's been pretty quiet in here recently. Time for a poll.

In the game I'm running right now, I need to know some mildly obscure things about the Catholic Church. I'd post my questions here, but I don't want to spam multiple communities. Check it out in the Catholicism community if you care or think you could help.

But this got me thinking about a few weeks back, when our Mage GM had to be the final authority on some weird question involving desert thermals and unpowered flight, and another player in the game just shook his head and said "Man, the things we ask our GMs to know about…"

So. Question. What's the weirdest thing you've ever had to look up, research, or know about for a game?

(I'm actually thinking more of real-world trivia than purely fictional game trivia, like who the patron diety of a chaotic neutral half-orc would be. For instance, for my semi-real-world cyberpunk game, I've had to do research into gang organization and anti-gang initiatives, night-time visibility ranges, local Army bases and training centers, and local geography and architecture. Sometimes running a game just feels like work.)

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