July 18th, 2002

Neverwinter Nights!!

I got THIS GAME a few days ago and it fooking rocks!! For the people who dont have it , it is the closest thing to tabletop D&D for a computer. It comes with a toolset that allows you to make custom worlds,creatures and items to place in a game of your own. It also allows for custom scripting,NPC interactions, shops , voice overs and just about anything else you can do durring a tabletop game.

The point of all this rambling is that it is also capable of being used for multiplayer so that people who might have never met IRL can get together and play a game. You can create anything you want with it , from an old D&D module like "The Temple of Elemental Evil" to something based on one of the books like the dark elf trilogy or your own little pocket world. Then you can invite other people to join in or just run through it yourself. The possibilities are endless !! Well , Ive rambled on enough , later....

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Okay, kids, help me out here. Anyone here familiar with forum-style roleplay? Who's doing it? Where? Anyone making money on it? Would there be a market for a web site dedicated to it? Has someone already done so?

If you're confused, read this, which should give you a better idea where my brain is.

Can anyone more "inside" this scene than I provide me witb info?