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Sunday, July 14th, 2002
12:14p - dunno if anyone else has heard...
but TSR/WOTC/Hasbro has sold the periodicals division.

Dragon, Dungeon, LGJ, Polyhedron, all sold. No news as to who bought it yet (man, wouldn't it be a gas if it was Peter Adkinson's new company?), so hopefully more will come through soon.

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1:34p - Question for VtM Players
In a Vampire LARP im playing in a question arose. The question is whether or not it can be confusing and/or dangerous to watch the aura of a Malkaian. The gamemasters left it open for the players to decide, and i wonder what your opinions are about this matter.

Here's my personal opinion:
Watching the aura of an Malkaian is not confusing nor dangerous.
1. It's just colors, after all.
2. Even malkaians are not psychotic or confused all the time, it just might happen more often. Malkaians hae certain derangements, but otherwise feel (and thats what you see when looking at auras) just like other vampires.
3. would it then be confusing to look at someone daydreaming too? ...seems quite unbelievable to me.

please tell me your opinions about that matter.

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Any cool suggestions for combining the two. I know it will have to
work in very subtle layers; fantasy monsters with no/little sanity blasting
obscuring the real threat of the Mythos monsters. Such as Yuan-Ti
mixing with Deep Ones.....ewwwwwww....Yuan-ti cultists worshipping
Dagon. Would the sanity resitance in the d20 CoC Appendix have any place? The same effect would work on spells. But with the added "bonus"
of finding Mythos spells that must be learned in order to get to the less
hurty on your mindnoodle fantasy spell/s.
Any other ideas/suggestions?

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