July 13th, 2002

Hi I

Looking for new players for a DBZ Live journal game.

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here. Blah blah blah.

I'll get to the point. I run a Dragonballz/gt RP game on live journal called Saiyajins_Unite . And we're looking for more players.

We're having some problems now because we have some really good RPers that are willing to really try to make this game a success, then we have others who really could give a darn and every other day is "Excuse of the week" for why they can't play. And, we have a few players are so good, that they've picked up too many characters cause I've grown to depend on them too much. I think some of them need to cut back a few and I know some of them want to.

We have a website that gives more information. http://members.cox.net/saiyajins_unite/

If you're interested, go and check it out. Yes, I admit that the rules might seem a little intimindating as well as the "try out proccedure" but the reason is that we're trying to find good players who understand what this is about. Not folks who just want to "get into lots of kewl fights and stuff!" We do even have an area with characters we're looking for people to play. However, it doesn't include everyone who might be available. Like I said, some characters that are being played right now could probably be given over to someone else. So, if you're interested and don't see a character you'd like to play listed as being available, you can contact me and ask if there is a chance they could be. I just ask that you contact me by email, which is why I've disabled commenting to this post. saiyajins_unite@cox.net And keep in mind we're looking for folks who want to do some character development gaming. Not just join and figure they only have to play once in awhile. That's already happening way too much and we've got too many good gamers who really try and really devote some time to this. It's not fair to them to constantly have to deal with players who won't play or spend all their time thinking of excuses not to play.

I'd say the biggest requirement for this game are writing skills and to be able to enjoy writing. If you're idea of a fantastic journal post is two lines and a quizz, then this isn't the game for you. I'm not saying you have to write a novel every time you post, but there should be some thought in what you post.

Okay, I'll shut up now. *g*
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Ok, I am pretty new to this LJ thing, and I was doing an interest search and came across this LJ community. So I thought I might post something. Currently I am playing in three games. 2 AD&D adventures and one Star trek. I decided after 15 years of gaming that I would play a character that I am not use to playing, something a little different, something that would challenge my inner child. Well one night while looking though my second addition D&D books I hit upon the perfect idea. I know....I will play a druid dwarf. So I ran the idea past the GM, who was a bit hesitant, and he said ok lets give it a try, but I was going to have to play with a modified spells list.. I understood and agreed to this. This character is very challenging, so challenging that I think I should have waited until we ventured into the 3rd edition D&D rules. I have to constantly argue with the Gm that a dwarf would be able to cast shillelagh. He seem to think that because my character comes from underground, I would know nothing about above ground spells. I will agree to a point. However a trees roots go underground, and this is what gives them life, therefore a dwarf would know about trees, sticks, and roots, correct. Now will I ever be able to summon a bird, probably not, unless I can find another druid (not bloody likely) to teach me how or I am above ground enough and have the time to study and learn. Oh well its fun and challenging anyway. Well enough for now. I just really wanted to stop in and say Hello to all of the other LJ gamers. Hello
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