July 8th, 2002


what i want to do now is join people together that i know, whether or not they live around me, for the purpose of establishing a creative group of individuals working for one common cause - to promote, develop, and create mentally and visually stimulating product such as manga, animated projects, toys / models, etcedera, product that will reflect our unique views on the world and our thoughts on many, many issues. this will be studio zenmetsu.

the word zenmetsu, in japanese, is loosely defined as destruction. now, keep in mind, the idea of destruction i have is a destruction of a positive nature. a destruction that opens people's eyes, the destruction of negativity and negative ideals, the destruction of falsities and the superficialism and materialism that has threatened to wither people away from the inside for so long now.

anyone interested in participating, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at sephirroth@aol.com. i have high hopes for this undertaking, and hopefully this will be the first step on a long road to absolution.
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Much fun was had at Huntsville by Night

This is my first time to actually post here.
I had so much fun at the Vamp game friday... I am Vichesse Maleficente, the Toreador Primogen in my city, as well as Keeper.
I am quickly becoming one powerful bitch... hehe with my Lasombra allies and a Garou protector... I was just handed unlimited resources for the purpose of building the artistic venues and culture in the city... fun fun fun. as well as some more $$$ from an anon source for the purpose of beautification of the city.. YAY!
The Garou is actually a very interesting character because he's not exactly a garou... he is really kindred... Gangrel, but was abandoned before being taught... he was adopted by a pack of garou and had thus learned their ways, including nothing of the masquerade... I have been appointed his instructor in the masquerade. Since I have always treated him fairly and have tried to teach rather than judge and punish he is offering me protection... extremely helpful when one is keeper (especially under a tore prince).
As far as the LaS go, they're antitrib (as far as we all know) and I will be able to learn many fun things... that and it just makes sense given that our clans are sisters (in mindset above all else).
I have also been informed that I have been nominated for Harpy... gee... busy busy busy.. I shall have to begin subcontracting some of this work.

Now... to procure some nice artwork for my museums in a completely legal manner... heheh but I already have that figured out. hehehe....
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