July 5th, 2002

To all D&D people and gamers

OK im new to the community

I would just like to get everyones take on a unigue D&D world my friend created.

Its your standard D&D world except it happens about 60 years after 2 alien races crash land and have a war on the planet. So now there is technology intertwined. there is small amounts of the technology that the good alien race had. ie guns and vehicles. Now with the 60 years of technology around the dwarves and gnomes have started to make there own weaponry.

The main plotline is about demons corrupting high officials to turn the military against the people.

the secondary plotline is about a psion who after seeing his people be mistreated for years has went nuts and is in a bid to take over there world.

So the "good" guys ie the players have to obtain magical weapons to fight the demons and there army they are building and technology to fight off the psion and his army.

we have made rules for all the technology, for the weapons and also for the new mage group technomancers and for the new church that worships machines and there god is the matrix

i just want to get everyones opinion on this idea and subject

well if you have any thoughts comments or questions just leave me a message here in the comment section