June 29th, 2002


My 2 cents on this here d20 mess...

So some of you really hate d20. Well, to each their own.

One thing that all of us might want to keep in mind, though- d20 isn't meant for the experienced gamer. The idea behind 3rd ed. D&D, as I understand it, was to make D&D the "first game" again. D&D was the introduction for gaming to most of us back in the day, and Wizards wanted it to get back to that. They set out to make a game for novices, something simple and clear that people could learn easily. So, if it seems a little lacking to those of us that have been doing this for a while, it's because it's not meant for us, really.

Also, as inevitability pointed out, in a absolutely brilliant post, all gaming systems suck. But mine's better than yours, anyway.

On a personal level, I like it beacuse it IS so simple- The more crap a system makes me keep track of, the less I like it. Also- it got rid of every single thing that ever annoyed the hell out of me about D&D.

Besides, who the hell wants a system that's perfectly realistic, anyway? I have this thing called "real life" to deal with if I want that. A game is a fictional structure, and it's going to break down under too much "reality".

Speaking of which- Is it just me, or is the use of the word "realistic" in conjunction with gaming usually just shorthand for "I'm a Angry GM who wants to be able to kill my PCs easily?" Ah, but that's a whole other rant...

Anyway- systems are good, systems suck; both statements are true. I'm out.

GenCon checklist

Badges: Purchased online, awaiting receipt of actual package.

Airline tickets: Purchased online, confirmation number acquired, awaiting e-ticket info.

Hotel: Staying with friend, who already has reservations for his hotel room.

Everything seems to be in order. Look out, Milwaukee!! ;-)

(This is actually going to be my first "real" gaming con experience, so forgive if I seem a bit excitable.)

So, will I be seeing any of you folks there?
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4-color RPG action!

On a less debate-worthy note...

Playing the game Freedom Force has filled my brain with ideas of a Silver-age Superhero game...sadly, there doesn't seem to be many Superhero RPGs anymore. Which I totally understand- it's a bit silly, after all, and of limited appeal unless you're a big comics geek like myself.

Anyway, I'd like to hear people's opinions on the Superhero RPGs that are out there, quick reviews if you will. There's one called "Godlike" that I keep hearing about, but I know nothing about the system. Is there anything else other than Heroes Unlimited (palladium...uggghhh) and Champions?

Origins Checklist

I am just starting to get into gaming again, and decided to go to Origins. I have got my con badge, and my rent a car. I am thinking about just winging it on a room. I am only going to be there 2 days. I leave on friday! I have been scanning the website to figure out just what games I would love to play. I am concentrating on table top and roleplaying. If I didnt I would go into ferret shock. *bounce*bounce*bounce*

I think I have been picking games based on funny names, just look at these:
Life Sized Kill Dr Lucky
Killer Bunnies and the Magic Carrot
Hell Rails
and finally, Reach out and Smack Someone. :) Anyone else going to Origins?

I am so excited. Wish I could make it to Gencon as well.