June 25th, 2002


going lots of different directions

All I said was "d20 sucks" and the community seemed to spring back to life. I haven't seen this much posting in this community... since the last time someone said d20 sucked ass.
Why do people get so incensed and defensive when a system gets blasted?
I love what Inevitability had to say about this blasting and counter-blasting.
Personally, one of my favorite systems is one that I've only played a handful of times: Legend of the Five Rings
Cinematic oriental-flavored fantasy setting with grand large-scale battles and epic dueling. Plus it's so easy to die in the system that it FORCES players to think and role-play themselves out of situations until nothing else but combat could be called for.
The main problem with this game is that nobody ever wants to play it. Which is usually the main problem with any game that isn't a hugely popular or well known game (in my opinion, and in my experience).
What is a hugely popular or well known game? Well, d20 does spring to mind. And you can't say that d20 is "too new" either because it's basically just AD&D 3rd edition, but they dropped the A and called it d20 so that people could apply the system to other game settings that weren't necesarilly fantasy-based.
But Shadowrun and Vampire also spring to mind as well known hugely popular games. I know people who exclusively play d20 and I know people who exclusively play Vampire, and I feel anyone who plays one system and isn't willing to try something new or different is not only hurting themselves, but also allowing themselves to wallow in ignorance.
I also truly believe that anyone who gets a bug up their butt about one man's (a man you've never met) poorly opinion about a game system (of all things) is entirely too defensive for a reason.
I would be inclined to believe it's because deep down the defensive person knows that d20 is not a four-star game, and I won't carry that line of logic any further because it's sure to upset somebody.
In other (more sarcastic) words: d20 sucks. What are you going to do about it? Flame me? Ooooo, big gamer! You sure showed me, I'm gonna play d20 now because you told me I was full of [CENSORED]
In other (nicer) words: I don't like d20. There's nothing you can say that will change my mind, and I will simply ignore your insults and criticisms of my opinion. You are free to disagree with me, but my judgement has been made, and I'm sure my opinion isn't going to affect your life. I hope you enjoy playing d20 for as long as you play it, or until 4th edition comes out.
Until then, game on you crazy diamond.

Discworld GURPS whodunnit – Again

I posted here a while ago, seeking advice for a Discworld GURPS adventure I was making for a convention. Thanks to all those who replied. :)

The convention is this weekend, and the first part of the tournament (which will be GMed by others as well as me) is finished - but I still need to make some notes for the final. I would apreciate any input!

Here´s the setting:

The players have hired to investigate the murder of a young maid at the Lancre castle, as the whiches of the town are away on a trip. As Part One of the adventure ends, the players were told that a girl who had been helping them earlier has been accused of the murder. They are told by another ally (Shawn Ogg as it happens), that the girl was with him that nigh and so she could not have been the killer.

In the final, I really want to "force" the players to think and discuss the case in character. I had an idea about making them the jury, and forcing them to remain in a room until they had decided who the killer was. Another idea was to give them 24 hours (or similar) until the girl would be executed. Ideally, I want to end the adventure with a courtroom scene. I don´t want to give out too much info here -such as who the killer is - as some players might have livejournal accounts. :)
Any suggestions, ideas or comments are welcome.
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There is a group of about 12 people in the greater Philly area whose table top WOD game has gotten a little big for its britches. We would like to swap over to a live action playing system, but would be better off with a larger group of people. This is an open invite if you are interested in starting a Philadelphia By Night LARP at the ground level, with the attempt to turn it into something big. I am hoping some talent from the now de-funked B$Dawn group are in here somewhere, and if so, or if someone would like to join or knows of an existing group that is looking for expansion, please feel free to contact me.