June 23rd, 2002

Clockwork Inside

New 3rd D&D Release - The Immortals Box Set... err... Epic Level Handbook

I almost choked when I saw this was coming out.

Ok 3rd has been out... what... two years at the most? All you old guard gamers out there... remember how long it took you to get a character high enough level to be consideerd a "named" level... let alone something "epic?" That, of course meant the one character that survived getting to be that high.... not the dozens of character sheets adorning your "In honor of [put character's name here] who was killed [insert means of death] and the party couldn't afford the Reincarnation/Ressurection spells to bring him back" wall.

And people say there's nothing wrong with 3rd. [snicker]
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I’m new to the community and livejournal and thought I should say hello.

I had a long debate about how roleplaying is viewed in general with one of my housemates the other day that I thought might be of interest…

The comments were positive but questioning the reasons behind its appeal. But one thing stood out which was how elitist gaming can be. We have mutual friends, some of who are gamers and some of who aren’t and he raised the point that when we discuss a roleplaying game, our characters, or the system, it’s a very exclusive conversation. Where if you don’t have that gaming knowledge, it sounds like complete gibberish! Thankfully those of us who are into roleplaying don’t go off on one that often (my housemates comments were sparked by a genuine interest in understanding roleplaying, not from being subjected to any conversations about it recently). But it made me think of why that geek image still sticks with what is becoming a wider known hobby. If it appears that we are speaking in code or in tongues all the time we discuss it, no wonder others find it weird. If the hobby is elitist, that surely can’t be a good thing? It might also go a long way to explaining the demographic and stereotype of roleplayers…

Personally I don’t think roleplaying is elitist, and that we are a pretty excepting bunch, but it is worrying if others see it as such. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts along this line?
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WotC Open Call--something to think about

I still haven't heard any solid numbers, but I figured I'd pass along the following:

On Monte Cook's message board, Bruce Cordell of Wizards says that, given the way the submissions are coming in, he won't be at all surprised if they "break 20,000."

Monte himself, when he went to mail his submission, spoke to the guy at the post office. The man wanted to know why Wizards had been receiving "bags" of mail for the past days.

Someone said that Anthony Valterra, also of Wizards, made some comment about them bringing the daily mail in "in boxes."

I don't know exactly how much competition I was expecting, but it wasn't this much. Yeesh.
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