June 17th, 2002


What do you do when the PCs do something that is not "good"?

my answer is: it depends

it depends on if you want a heroic campaign or if you're willing to let your players play "shades of gray" type characters

you probably want them to be heroic, so rewarding them for doing good deeds and punishing them for killing villains is appropriate

adding disadvantages doesn't really change how they're going to play their characters, it might change how they interact with NPCs but for the most part a player will play the way he/she wants to

in my game, i let the players define how they're going to play, i try to reward people for following the storyline or interacting with it in creative ways, and i punish players for not paying attention or giving resistance to a new player

when it comes to in-game morality, i leave it at the door

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Okay I'm kind of new to this Journal. SO here it goes:
For starters: I'm an almost 20-year-old, I'm engaged (to a gamer too, doesn't that rock?), I'm a girl (duh), I'm a college student, I have been roleplaying since I was six because my father introduced me to it.

I play Vampire (mostly LARP), D&D, and Aberrent (currently) with the possiblity of Mage and me running Hackmaster.

Alright, now on to my real post. I go to a Vampire LARP in Chicago every other weekend or so. Saturday was the most recent game. So we are sitting around talking (as what normally happens at this game because the ST's dont' do a lot of plot), and the new ventrue tells us that he has come to chicago for a reason. He is here to offer the prince (another ventrue) a deal. The Giovonni (I hope I didn't butcher the name too badly) want Chicago something about it being like Sically in the new world and are offering the Ventrue something (the dude didn't know) for the city. This lead to us arguring what about the non-ventrue in the city and so forth. This though is the funny part, the name of this treaty was being called the SPIGETTI treaty (it was spelled that way too), I don't remember what it stood for but something about Giovonni Escro Techonlogy Trade. The group had to take a few mintues to stop laughing.

Anyways, Just thought I'd share that with you.