June 16th, 2002

magic cub

Heart of Steele...

I have been presented with my greatest challenge in an RPG to date. I have to be a leader.

In the past, I've been content with merely filling the role needed most by a group. But now I've been put into a position where I HAVE to lead. Unfortunately, this involves making decisions that may affect the group indivdually and as a whole, something I'm not used to.

My character, a cleric of Pelor named Steele, my best friends character, a creature from Ravenloff, and a human paladin of the god Novalis named Joe *sigh* have already met horrible deaths at the hands of a young adult red dragon. This can be chalked up to MANY things, one being the horrible lack of tactics and teamwork on the part of the group as a whole, and another being my unwillingness to take charge of the situation.

Now, myself and my friend had made arrangements with Pelor in the previous adventure for a "get out of death free card". Unfortunately, this was a one-shot deal. The paladin has been true resurrected, but he's hesitant to come back due to some changes that are gonna have to be made to his character...personally, from everything I've observed of this paladin, he's being rather selfish, especially considering the fact that we've been charged with the task of saving ALL the planes from utter destruction.

But anyway, I've been thrust to the forefront. I'm going to have to rise to it, or everything goes up in flames.
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