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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
9:51a - I used OOC information ...
... and I'm proud of it.

Although I normally despise those who use OOC information when deciding their PC's actions, I found myself doing just this on Sunday afternoon.

My character, having just finished touching up some new spells, had several things that they could have done next, one of which (and this IS one of the unlikely ones) was to go check up on one of the other PCs, to discuss various plans.

I, as a player, knew that the other PC had left their lab, and left a bomb behind to hide any evidence of what they were working on.

Although my character had other things that they were more likely to do, he is unlucky. And deservedly so, I might add. So I decided that he would head down to Octavian's lab first ... ka-boom.

It's amusing when a roleplaying no-no makes for good roleplaying ...

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10:17a - Elitism
Have you noticed a pretty funny trend among gamers? We all look down on one faction or another.

RPG vs Wargame
RPG vs Videogame
Warhammer vs WH40k
WoD vs non-WoD
DnD vs Good RPG's
Card games vs having a life ;)

I'm mean you can almost always find a gamer making fun of one group or another. "DnD isn't for you man, it's only for drooling computer nerds who've never seen the light of day." "WoD hahahaha! Shall I bring my Ankh?" "Wargames? Yeah, lets paint minis and roll dice all day. That sounds like fun... moron." etc etc etc

I just find it funny that I've heard virtually every group bash the other groups. Am I the only one who's noticed this tendency?

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11:58a - A flyer posted at my local game store
"Killer LARP, Saturday at noon

The game of Live-Action Assination"


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9:45p - IMPORTANT: For everyone contributing to WotC's open call
Guess what, guys? They didn't clarify all the rules at the beginning.

A lot of web sites have a Word Document download that includes both the template for the submission and the WotC release form with the Wizards logo at the top.

That copy of the release form is not binding and will not be accepted. You have to use the PDF release form, available through Wizards' own web site.

If you've already sent your submission with an "improper" release form, you'll be contacted by WotC after they receive it and given an opportunity to "correct" this mistake.

Needless to say, I read this from Anthony Valterra on the ENWorld forums five minutes after I'd dropped my submissions--complete with the wrong release form--in the mail.

Would it have been that hard for them to make this clear earlier?

current mood: annoyed

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