May 30th, 2002

Me? Argumentative?

Hey, folks.

It has occured to me that I've been feeling very argumentative this week, which has caused me to be the devil's advocate in several posts, mostly in this group.

Some (OK, more than some) of it has been a bit over-the-top, and even gone as far to be way beyond anything I've actually been inclined to believe.

So, beware folks. I seem to get in these moods a lot, particularly when I'm bored at work, and in a written format. If I disagree a bit, by the time I'm done posting, I appear to disagree a lot.

Please, take me with a grain of salt ... it's easier than having me go back and edit every post after I've re-read it.
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venga bus

Newness (everything but the system)

Ok, i've had the Heroes ulimited players guide for about a year and a half, maybe 30 preconstructed characters of varying OCCs and alignments and levels, and the GM's guide for about 6 months. I've played a long running game of D&D 3rd, and a shorter game of Heroes, and a slew of D&D 2nd. That's about all my experience. Now i got about 4 good friends who are all interested in gaming, but are total, utter, absolute newbies. I mean greenest of the green.

I've never DMed before, but i feel as though i have a good grasp (if not mastery) of the nuances of the Heroes System. In short, i want to get a campaign started, but i am clueless as to what the hell to do for a story that's easy enough for the players. I sort of want something straight forward, but i cannot for the life of me think of anything. The first premade adventure in the DM's guide seems to look like my best bet (the zoo thing, if anyone knows the book) but i am looking for back up options. Also, the story arcs (campaigns i guess you call them, my sp33k is w34k, haha) need to be basic in the rules department with combat and such so i can show them the ropes.

I've ghosted this board for a while, btw, and Ga's post a few posts below me about newbiedom was very helpful.
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How shocking is it to make a site about teh world of darkness in NON black?

I'm thinking of doing something else with the colors of my site and i'm actually concidering tossing the black alltogether.

You think it's a good idea or not?
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(no subject)

just the other night me and a friend were surfing the web just wasting time. So we went to The Forge and saw this game in the free RPG's section...

Metal Opera - Heavy Metal gaming. Play a Rocker fighting the oppression of church, government and industry. The game demands that you Rock and Kick Ass up to the very end!

Man,I so wanna play this game. I ask is there anyting better than rockin' and kickin' ass to the very end? I DON'T THINK SO!!
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