May 27th, 2002


hi! i am Gib i like master roshi from dbz but anyways...i'm 23 and live near State college/howard in pa i like vampire the maqurade and all the other things that come from whitewolf right now i'm checking out the bastet and werewolf i like playing malkavians i've got alot of games like the x-men card game and *coughs* pokemon problem is none of my friends play any kinda games my one does but its one i never tryed..magic the gathering..though if i found people near me to play some LARP or other game types i think i would heh
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I'm new here ... I don't know whether I should say "Hey, Add me!" or ... "Hey, Don't add me!" Since my journal is for my character.

::Blinks, Glancing around.::

You can still add me if you'd like to know about her interesting life though!


I'm new, Welcome me! :x
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Hello, I´m new here

I joined this community a few days ago, and I suppose it´s time to introduce myself.

I am a 23 year old female from Oslo, Norway. I´ve been interrested in RPGs ever since a (pretty feeble) translated mainstreem adaptation of D&D was released on the Norwegian market when I was 8 or 9. (Of course, RPGs had been available in specialist stores here for years, I just didn´t know about it before then.)

Unfortunately, none of my friends wanted to play with me. In high-school I got introduced to LARP through the brother of a friend. I´ve been to two large (180 - 250 people) LARPs and a few smaller ones. I didn´t get a chance to play "tabletop" RPGs until a few years later when I met my boyfriend. He is one of the organizers of Norways largest gaming con - ARCON - and since then I´ve been GMing Paranoia and GURPS Discworld tournaments every year. I recently completed this years Discworld adventure, which I write myself. I am also writing the Paranoia adventure this year, something I have not done before... Tips are apreciated. :)

I´ll stop rambling now, hop I didn´t bore you!
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Stolen from the latest KODT

Joe the paladin stumbles upon a lair filled with a dozen orphaned orc -cubs. He immediately puts them to the sword declaring, "They're evil! They would have grown up and performed evil acts o the innocent!" Question: has he violated his alignment?
Buckle up buttercup.
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Anyone out there have a good set of House Rules for role-playing?

I don't mean how to play certain games, but rules of conduct to refer to about gaming.

When at game, be at game, not sensless gabbing, etc.

Stuff like that. I have some new players and could use some input.

(Prepares for innundation)
  • pasje

updated :)

I updated my site again.

For the people that roleplay on line where you can show pictures for your characters, there are pre-edited character pictures that you can request. You just look at them, submit which one you like and the name will be put in there for you.

And i added 4 new wallpapers for your windows.

Have fun :)
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I'm cross-posting this from my journal, because I really meant to post it here.

I had fun today. We had the second session of a really small D&D game - just me, sambear and B. B was in our main D&D game but dropped out because 1) she has this life thing going on; 2) her character (evil alignment) didn't actually fit in with anybody else in the party (all but one good, and he's neutral); 3) the group was too large for her to get as much character time as she prefers; and 4) she doesn't want to have to censor herself.

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