May 21st, 2002

My Online RPG

Hi, I've never updated before on this. Here is a link to my RPG. Its under alot of construction, day by day. I thought that posting it here would attract some members, so if you are interested, you can contact me by commenting on this or just sending me an E-mail. Here is the site, and it is medieval based role-playing with AD&D like rules. Remember it is under construction, so don't expect to much the first time :). Zalkrae RPG

Nobilis RPG community created

I've just created a Livejournal community for the Nobilis roleplaying game that's been causing such a fuss over on the RPGnet forums lately. It's a really terrific game, well worth the purchase price...anyway, I have access codes to burn, so I figured why not make a community for the game?

It's an open community, unrestricted joining and posting...hopefully, folks will show up and make it a living group. If not...well, I've only wasted an access code. :)