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Monday, May 20th, 2002
1:06p - How strict should a GM be?
If you surf forums at various roleplaying sights, you'll inevitably run into GMs asking for help.

One recent example was a GM on the Dark Ages: Vampire forum on White Wolf's site. He had a group of PCs bent on diablerie. The gist of his problem is that he had a sixth generation Assamite PC with high levels of all in-clan disciplines running around at the other 2 PC's behest.

I thought of a few things elders could do to protect themselves against such a thing, then I realized: WTF was a sixth gen Assamite with high levels of disciplines doing as a PC?

You'll see all sorts of other problems. D&D parties that are hopelessly fractured because half the PCs are chaotic good, the other half are chaotic evil. The GM is despairing because the PCs are too busy fighting each other to follow the plot.

Of course that could have been solved very easily: Just don't let the PCs play those characters.

When I run games, I'm usually very strict about what kind of characters I allow PCs to play. I've had to shoot down character concepts more than once - I had a Mage game where the guidelines were initiates, age 15-19. One of my players wanted to pla ya 45 year old. I shot him down - tyhere's no way a 45 year old would fit in with a group of high schoolers.

When I ran Giovanni Chronicles, I picked the players' clans for them. They didn't get th choose themselves. When I ran D&D, I made compulsory alignment restrictions - no evil characters, no true neutral characters (I found that true neutral was just an excuse for twinks to do whatever they want with no motivation behind it).

I seem to be a pretty strict GM in this way. How strict are others?

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1:58p - The Player's Responsibilities
Ya know - I just got back from a LARP this weekend that was a great deal of fun, at least, for me. Yet - there are those that didn't see a single opportunity to have a good time, they went off about how bored they were.. all of that nonsense. In the aftermath, I've decided to post up here what I think should be said, finally, about the responsibilities of a player in a game. Everyone knows what the ST/Gamemaster/Staff of any game should be doing - or thinks they do - but players often don't take responsibility themselves...

Discuss, rebut, and yell at me, if you'd like. :)

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I'm staff for a WoD MU* that hasn't opened, yet, but I thought I'd share and get input on my Collapse )

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HeartQuest: Romantic Anime Role-Playing in the World of Shoujo Manga.

Has anyone come across this game before? Or have people played magical girl, bishounen or teen romance games?

I'm intrigued.

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6:37p - Seriously Screwy !@#$%&
This "Private Individual" has been desperate for players here in Charlotte so he posts this message to a local role-playing community's eGroup. Tell me if this is or is not the screwiest thing you've ever read. ;- )

"New Group Forming! Possible characters include:

1. A Master Vampire
2. A Terminator (As per the movie)
3. A Jedi Mutant with his own starfighter
4. A shape shifting Humaniod/Dragon
5. A Spellcasting Mega-Wizard (That needs no material components)
6. A High-Tech Combat Warrior
7. A Bounty Hunter
8. A Demon from another World
9. A Pixie/Fairy
10. A Psionicist (Like 'Firestarter')
11. A Superhero (Like 'Spiderman' or 'Wolverine')
12. An Upgradable Robotic Android
13. An Intelligent, talking, 5' high, 10' long Golden Retrever with Eyes that shoot Lasers.
14. An Ogre Veritech Pilot Priest with a pet Python Familuar
15. A Super Ninja Spy that drives a nearly indestructable, intelligent Lamborghni Diablo.
16. A Shape Changling
17. An Intelligent, Well Spoken Raptor/Dinosaur, with cybernetic enhancements.

These are just the smallest fraction of possible character combinations . . .

when you game in my world.

Develop and design your own: spells, armor, weapons, vehicles, and other.

Be, any kind of character,
Go, anywhere in the multi-universe,
Meet, new species, then kill them, subdue them, or save them.

The choice is yours,
Power to the players !"

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8:10p - Sometimes rp pisses me off.. a conversation..
My apologies.. Do read though.. it's an interesting read.

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Just a fun site for portraits.

Hero Machine

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