May 17th, 2002

R.A. Salvatore Guest on RadioSciFi

Hey all! I'm new to the forums, but I just wanted to let you know that fantasy and sci-fi author R.A. Salvatore will be doing an interview on RadioSciFi on Saturday night. RadioSciFi is an Orlando based radio show with live streaming on the web. We run Saturday's at Midnight EST till 3:00 AM. I hope you guys don't mind this bit of spam, but I wanted to let as many people know this is the best chance to ask Bob any questions you may have. For more info, please visit

Thank you ^_^
the queen liked her naps

SOLAR character community :)

Okay, I threatened it and last night I decided what the hell. I sort of came across the NERO character community and thought what a good idea. So now, there is a SOLAR one. It's got restricted membership because the only people posting should be SOLAR characters, but there are instructions for those just wanting to ask questions about SOLAR, and you can always watch and comment to the posts if you aren't a member.

The community is solarpcs and I know I have a few SOLAR peeps on my friends list. I know a few of you had thought about creating journals for your characters after talking with me yesterday :) if you are wanting to do it, and need an invite code, please let me know. Also, since you'll be posting to a community, you don't have to do like I did--you can simply use your default journal for posting and do it in character.

Any questions can be directed to me :) and spread the word to any other SOLARians that are on LJ that I'm not aware of :)

As I stated in the community info (and in the first post I'm going to do in a few moments), though we are in character, it's just a chat type forum--think of it as Winter (if you're in Shadowmoor) behind her bar just chatting with her in the Guild or some such. It won't be taken in play at gatherings or in the respective taverns unless specifically stated by each individual player that the info they are giving is game related and can be taken as such. It's just for a bit of fun interaction (unless something changes) right now to get to know one another and our characters. Hope you enjoy :)