May 15th, 2002

mal d'aurora

a bit off topic

i have some nicely painted eldar minis and a painted LOTR arwen mini for sale at ebay currently; there is also a slew of other pagan and gothic and anglophile type items that could come in handy for LARP research.

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For those of you(us) that have run them, how much effort, in cost and man(woman)-hours do you put into One-Shot LARPs? Do you charge and why (what conditions make it reasonable/necessary to charge)? How much? Do you have costume requirements? How do you enforce/explain them? How do you motivate people to play their best? How do you dress the set, and how do you fund it? Do you have a prop pool or a personal cache?

I know a one-shot is better than a serial nine times out of ten, or more, but the logistics are tricky. I'm thinking (idly) of setting up a few (around 3-4) groups of GMs to alternate running one-shots on a vaguely monthly basis, 3 per year per GM team. The problem with this is that our local player base is divided between older LARPers that don't have time to waste on LARPs that they're not sure they'll enjoy and younger LARPers that don't have resources for a lot of costuming, prop-ery, and entry fees. Running semi-regular one-shot LARPs would have to be lower-budget than a single, high-profile LARP, but still higher prodo value than a chronicle.

A difficult question, it is. Meditate on this, I will.
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