May 13th, 2002

Forums for WW games

Does anyone know of any good online forums for WW type games? The forums on WW's site are for the most part awful. :( Too many narrow minded "j00 are stupid!" "NO U R STUPID" type posts for my tastes. :\

WoD Resource Page

I am plugging shamelessly now.
I've been in collaboration for a couple months with a friend of mine, who has a great talent and love for creating supplemental work for White Wolf. He's written what amounts to a book, about 800 pages worth of material.

Wanting to contribute but having zero ability myself, I put up a webpage with some of his work on it. There are new character creation stats there, as well as some Disciplines and a little Thaum and Necromancy.

I hope it's of use to anyone interested.

The page