May 10th, 2002


LARP administration question:

Does anyone think it's a good idea to run a game via a big circle of Narrators?

Here's the pseudo-plan:

1) Name a StoryTeller as a figurehead.
2) Have said ST name a handful of Narrators (roughly four).
3) Have the "Narrator council" run the game.

Now, I've discovered three problems. The first is to keep constant communication between all Narrators. CONSTANT. That way, the plot stays continuous. The other two problems are more significant, though -

1) Narrators hauling off and doing their own thing.
2) Narrators playing PCs who "know all" and make life way too easy for PCs.

The first problem should be easy to deal with. The hypothetical ST in this situation is a strong character who has no qualms about stomping on uppity Narrators. The second, however, is one that I've noticed even myself breaking at times. I don't want to tell Narrators "YOU MAY NOT PLAY PCS MUAHAHA" or anything, but I don't want them to play PCs who always know all the plots, either. I mean, I can just tell them not to metagame, but we all know how easy it is to unconsciously metagame.

Any suggestions? I know it's a non-traditional idea, but it may just work. Love it? Hate it? Feedback, please!