May 9th, 2002

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Any interest in an Amateur Press Association?


I've been a member of an Amateur Press Association entitled Apacalypse for some time now. We are a grouping of like-minded people who write (or draw) on or about a specific topic. In this case, Role playing.

We are always looking for new people who want to write and develop gaming material. Current and past members include folks who have written for Hero Games, Chaosium, White Wolf, Columbia Games and more. It also includes folk who do not have any published game credits. If you'd like to get commentary on your work, and want to try to break into the industry, this is a comfortable, laid-back way to start.

An APA works as follows; each member contributes an article (or artwork) by the agreed upon deadline in sufficient copies so that each member will get a copy of each-others work. These copies are delivered to a Central Mailer, who collates all the copies, binds them, indexes them, and mails them off so that each member will receive one copy of every member's works (including their own).

APAs are always nonprofit organizations. Funds from sold issues go towards defraying the costs of binding the next issue, and paying for cover printing. Each member has to pay for their own issue, but this cost is usually only the cost for binding and mailing out the issue. Exactly how much you have to pay per issue will depend on the APA in question.

If you're interested, check out the web-site and read through the FAQs.
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Gender, Race, and everything in-between...

I'm fully aware this post is liable to get me flames, but quite likely it'll only be from people who can't stomach having their cozy little worlds rocked.

After reading a post started by jrcubindy I was replying to another comment left in there, and something struck me. I've seen a LOT of responses against crossgender playing because "They're not men/women, they don't know how to play the opposite sex convincingly!"

For all you GMs and other gamers who have issues with allowing someone to play the opposite gender, no matter how well they play, for a variety of reasons, let me ask you this:

Are you prepared to ban a white person from playing a black person, and vice versa?

Are you prepared to ban a young girl from playing an old woman?

Are you prepared to ban a childfree person from playing a parent?

Are you prepared to ban a hearing person from playing someone who is deaf, or vice versa?

Are you prepared to ban a person with functional eyes from playing someone who is blind, or vice versa?

Are you prepared to ban someone who's never lost a spouse, a parent, or a sibling to death from playing someone who has?

You ban someone from playing the opposite gender just because you feel like it, you better be prepared to put forth a ban keeping them from playing ANYONE or ANYTHING not remotely similar to them.

Yes, I am fully aware that there are people out there who play cross genders for the jokes and smarmy comments and the facination of having your "own" tits or dicks, but there are plenty of players who don't deserve that label, who play their characters fairly and with dignity.

Unless you're prepared to stop me, a deaf person, from playing someone who can hear, or stop someone who can see from playing Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) who is blind, or stop a wiccan of Native American descent from playing a WASP (white anglo-saxton protestant), you might be better off rethinking your stance on crossgenders. 'Cause frankly, otherwise, you're just gonna come out looking like a sexist bigot.
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Alec Ross JLA


Hi I'm going to be starting a PBEm Cyberpunk game it'll be based in the UK in the year 2050

It'll be using the basic Cyberpunk 20 20 rules with a slightly modified history and a different combat system (FNFF won't work via e-mail)

Anyone interested in taking up let me know what you have in mind for a character, anyone interested but with no background in Near Future games still let me know and I'll sort something with you.
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Cracking Open the Door

This is cross-posted from my own journal, since I believe it's sufficiently relevant and enough of you will find it helpful, or at least interesting. :-)


All righty. I promised a new writer on my friend's list (Hi, eugie! ;-) ) that I'd give her some pointers on breaking into the RPG industry. It then occurred to me that there are others of you who'd want to see the list too. So instead writing it as a response in her journal, I figured I'd make it an actual entry.

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