May 8th, 2002

magic cub

Sex of characters and players issue

How big of an issue is it with you if a player consistently plays characters of the opposite sex?

The reason I brought this up is because several members of my RP group have jumped on my best friend because the 2/3 of the characters he plays are female.

He plays them well, too. Hell, he plays ALL of his characters well.
THey range in personality from the warm, caring and yet refined doctor Amelia and the violent bimbo Kei in Shadowrun to the professional yet bitter assassin Cinna in Palladium to the slightly stuckup academician half air-gensai(sp) Gemwhisper in D&D, to the ice queen shapeshifting elite Diamond in Abberant.

None of them are carbon copies of each other and he almost always has detailed histories for each and every character. My personal feelings on the matter are that if a player can play the character and it doesn't disrupt the game, nothihg else should matter
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