May 6th, 2002

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New Roleplaying Game Setting

Morning, folks.

I come to you from a night filled with RoboRally goodness to mention that one of our very own, anselm23, is working on developing the background to a potential new RPG setting, right in his LJ. Currently the project consists of a series of dramatic poems, in the style of the Eddas and shares a lot of the feel of those structures and myths. More accurately, the current thread is establishing the basis of the Orieni mythohistory, and "how things came to be as they are."

The actual intended setting date is several hundred years after the poems being posted at this point, upon the occasion of an invasion from a new land from far away, the Spiralliens (which, it looks like, I'll be doing a goodly chunk of the background on myself), and how these two extremely different cultures both clash and harmonize over time.

For now, however, some commentary on the run of things so far would be appreciated. If sufficient interest is generated, we'll likely move the Orien work to its own LJ Community while RPG design work occurs on a Yahoo Group --- but those are issues for the future. For now, welcome to Orien. I hope you'll be hanging around for a while and that your entertainment is so vast as to dwarf the heavens.
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LARP starting (OWbN)

SO.. there is a game starting up in my area and I was wondering if there was anyone on this community that was inthe same area looking for a game or knew of anyone here. The game is in Northampton, MA and will give more info on the game and location to those in the area. Just let me say that it is a Vampires only game, the STs are fab and we are looking to get as many people as we can. The first game will be on the 14th of May, yes I know it's a Tuesday...but that's when we will be starting.
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(no subject)

Can anyone tell me anything about the upcoming:

1) D20 Modern, by Wizards?

2) Wild Card System, by Pinnacle?

Also, if anyone knows of any good sites dealing with Weird Wars, I'd appreciate links.